This article was written as a summation of theoretical reflections and direct experimental data. It is addressed to specialists in the field of magic.

Without any doubt these diseases – obsession and schizophrenia are manifestations of the same relapse – the defeat of man by the astral essence. Accordingly, the cure must be performed mainly by work on the astral plane. What is the essence in this case? The astral entity, or rather, the disembodied entity, was able, due to certain circumstances, to break through the protective shell and to partially, or to a large extent, victim’s “chitta”, which in general is the main task of this entity. At the same time, in order to receive energy replenishment, the essence introduces, if one can put it this way, its “tentacles” into the centers functioning on the astral plane and thus “saddling” a person, begins to develop its aggressive activity. As a result, this activity manifests itself in the form of deteriorating physical health, but mostly a severe exacerbation of nervous diseases. A person becomes inadequate, sometimes subject to aggressive impulses, he begins to have nightmares associated with attacks on him. In one word the essence of is beginning to maximally pump out astral energy from human, under this with one hand paralyzing his by attacks in the form of nightmares, with other hand provoking human on uncontrolled emissions his energy in is the form of, in which she suitable for nutrition essence. At the same time, the entity tries to master the “Chitta” as much as possible, displacing the personality of the person himself from it. Capturing even a small “bridgehead” it can attract other entities to it ( this explains the voices in the head). Stress which is experiencing man, sensing in his anybody others ‘ voices so stuns his, that will his is paralyzed and invaders gradually can in fact mastering the brain human fully and man becomes in literally mind devoid of and his body crosses under full control disembodied essence. Since the disembodied entity has completely different tasks than the normal person, it does not spare the body that it has mastered, because when it has completely exhausted the resources of this physical body, it immediately begins to look for the next victim.

Now, after a fairly accurate determination of the cause of the disease, possible go directly to the method of healing. Unfortunately, the examples described in the Gospels can not be considered applicable in our conditions. In order to perform such “miracles” it is necessary to possess the Holiness and the direct connection with God that the Lord possessed as the Son of God. However, the gospel of John gives a “hint” of opportunities for “ordinary” people. Based on this, I will outline a technique that allows take the necessary actions to neutralize such diseases. I must say at once that such work is extremely dangerous. The master risks his own life. Not having the proper strength and not owning the proper skill you can “finish” the session extremely deplorable for yourself.

You may not be able to exorcise the devil with prayers at once. Therefore, it is more optimal to build the work as follows. In the first session, you actively clean the area of the astral centers, of course, in conclusion, conduct a general cleaning. In this case you pretty much damage, and optimal (well, it’s frankly unlikely) liquidate the feeding of the essence from astral centres. Thus, disembodied entity you make starve. In during three days the essence of course will try to restore tentacles, but first this will not so simply to do, because centers began to again resist, and with other hand deprivation food sharply weaken opportunities essence. Not to mention that even during the first purge, you dealt a serious blow to it.

The second session should be a direct cast out demons from patient by prayers. This task is extremely difficult and here no advice will help you if you do not properly own your heart, third eye and your sound. What happens at this point can be recorded as literal examples of exorcism. Grimaces, convulsions, wild anger covering the patient at the same time are sometimes unpredictable. It is necessary to maintain complete calm and continue to work to the bitter end. When the devil finally left the person, the patient sharply weakens and it is necessary to bring the matter to an end with certain prayers and let patient sleep peacefully. In four days it is necessary to finish work having started regenerative processes in an organism and mentality of the person. The final recovery can not be fast unfortunately. A typical example is described in the review of Sokolova girl of 22 years.

In the end, I would like to give some advice to those who sick with this “disease” – obsession and schizophrenia . One of the unpleasant sides of this disease is that a person subjected to such an “attack” is afraid to admit even to himself that he is sick. Well, it is clear that few people want to pass for abnormal, crazy or something similar. How to stop the development of symptoms? The advice is quite banal. First of all, try to be more often in nature. Preferably in forest parks. Walking through the forest try to breathe deeply, come to the trees and leaning his right hand on the tree try to exhale through the hand of your disease (I will not describe the essence and “mechanism” of these actions, but they are very effective). By itself, exclude all alcoholic beverages and including beer, from your “diet”. Try to eat less meat, especially fried. But to turn into a vegetarian is not necessary, when the improvement comes, again begin to eat as usual. Start daily to do morning gymnastics, gymnastics – not push-ups in the fitness center. Jogging in the morning at least 10-15 minutes will give more results than a bunch of pills. In the morning before breakfast a tablespoon of honey. In the morning and in the evening take a shower, if you can at the end by cold water, this contrast has a good effect. If you have at night in dream come “visitors”, take heart and ask, what they need to. Do the same if you have started the “voices” in your head. Perceive such “guests” and “visitors” as brazen tramps (this is the way it is) and seeing that you are not afraid of them, and therefore ceased to obey, they will be forced to “leave” your head, where they are so cozy. During the attack of “aggression”, try not to give in to it at the volitional level and switch your consciousness to something neutral, positive. Do not try to suppress the attack, but simply do not give in to it. To be clear, I will give an analogy. If you regularly water the flowers on the lawn, they will grow and bloom, if you stop watering them, its will wither in the end. The analogy is quite appropriate and absolutely accurate. As soon as you stop feeding demons by your aggression, they literally begin to wither and it will be easier to get rid of them.

Well of course it is not so easy to end with such relapses and I advise you to start regularly attending Church or mosque. But do not become headless orthodox fanatics. God does not need believer sheep. And please stay away from all kinds of sects, extrasens, yoga teachers and all kinds of meditation teachers.

Arutyunyants M.A. September 2012

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