Treatment of the disease is carried out on the basis of preliminary energy diagnosis. The treatment itself is carried out by the  of directed irradiation of the healer’s hand upon the affected areas and organs.

Treatment of physiological diseases

Physiological diseases can be called diseases not caused by the so – called “astral” influence, that is – ordinary. A painful condition can be caused by a bad condition of an organ or part of the body, or is the result of impact from other organs that are in a negative state. For example, to heal a bone fracture, irradiation is performed directly at the fracture site, which leads to acceleration of bone mass accretion and suppression of inflammatory processes at the fracture place. Even with such a simple enough case, as gallstones, are made hard irradiation of the gallbladder for crushing stones, and separately irradiation to improve the liver and pancreas to eliminate the negative effects of these organs, which eventually leads to the overall normalization of the body. Also for example violations in work kidneys require irradiation not only directly kidneys, but and straightening so-called second center.

Treatment of mental diseases

Mental illness can be called a painful condition caused by one reason or another, disorders in the astral body of a person. These can be attributed not only: directly mental disorders; schizophrenia; cerebral palsy, but sometimes a seemingly ordinary physiological disease such as a constant headache; sudden not amenable to conventional treatment cold; infertility. This type of disease is treated by a more complex method, because it is often required to restore not only the normal “mental” state, or rather the state of the astral body, but also possible violations in physical physiology. Straightening of the energy system and centers is also performed by irradiation on the astral plane upon the disturbed centers and zones.

Both types of diseases are treated by the energy influence of the healer Arutyunyants M.A.

The work itself is carried out by hands in contact and contactless. The patient is lying down. In some cases, patients felt directly inside themselves the “echoes” of the energy manipulations performing. A standard session, depending on the complexity and intensity, can last up to forty minutes. In complex cases, the session can consist of two stages and last up to two hours. Since the problems being treated are either chronic, accumulated over the years, or very complex, one cannot expect a cure after one session. To obtain a normal result in physiological diseases, it is desirable to conduct three or four sessions. Although sometimes there are quick results, such as a one-and-a-half-year-old girl who was on dialysis, the kidneys earned after one session.

In the case of mental illness, the number of sessions is determined individually, because despite the similarity of the problems, the violations can be of different severity.

Remote treatment.

It is carried out by a digital photo of the patient. The patient’s photo is actually used instead of the physical body. First, a general scan is performed, and then the problem areas are enlarged and almost the same work is done as in the case of working directly with the patient. That is why accurate work requires a picture made in high-quality resolution and made without strangers and landscapes in the photo. A significant difference between remote work and work in contact is that not all types of bioenergetic’s radiation can overcome long distances. Therefore, the effectiveness of remote treatment of diseases is lower, despite the fact that remote work is much more difficult because during the work it is necessary to constantly overcome the factor of “distance”. In addition, not all types of diseases can be treated remotely.

P.S. It should be noted that as in European medicine, the results of treatment should be supported by the desire of the patient to be cured. To make it clear what is meant I will give a fairly vivid example from practice. The patient had an inoperable liver tumor. After an intensive course of bioenergotherapy (three times during the week), a month later the patient came with the news that the tumor had slightly decreased (by 1 mm.). The patient were looked great and there were no signs of the deadly disease. After that, the patient told about how well she rested in the mountains. When I asked her if she knew that she was absolutely forbidden to go to the mountains and especially to spend all day in the sun, she told me that she really liked to ride horses and in General she loves the mountains. The patient did not want to carry out the further course and decided to be cured by classes in the fitness room. Unfortunately, three months later, the oncologist who treated her told me the sad news.

Recommendations that you will be given after treatment should be at least partially implemented. If you have eliminated the consequences of a stroke, this does not mean that you can drink vodka in a week, if gangrene has been eliminated, you need to do physical exercises. Treatment which conducts Arutyunyants M.A. this is not a wonderful recovery for ever, it is necessary to adhere to those reasonable recommendations that you are given to forget about diseases.

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