It would be quite logical to give here a list of diseases that Arutyunyants M.A. treats, but since the technique used by Arutyunyants M.A.. has nothing to do with conventional European medicine, it is difficult to name diseases that can be cured by this method.

In the treatment of disease following the basic concept of the occult approach to the recovery of the body, primary attention is directed to the state of the etheric and astral bodies. Since they are the basis for the life of the physical body itself. Energy distortions in these bodies lead to purely physical problems, and sometimes to mental ones. On the other hand, a purely physical impact can lead to a violation of the energy structure of the body. Diseases that can help to cope Arutyunyants M.A. can be divided into two types.

Diseases of the astral type

You have: sharply deteriorates state of health: in the form of ordinary diseases, but drugs not help; mental disorder, inexplicable aggressiveness (sometimes desire to beat, kill); poorly go affairs; in some cases arise neuroses of various types and nightlife nightmares. If would you possessed etheric clairvoyance, you could see that someone produced any actions (not d write what on well understandable reasons) with your photograph, doll named your name, or simply produced curse in your worded. As a result on your etheric and astral bodies there were bruises, the strongest dents, sometimes just holes. In other words, as if you were physically hit with a stone, stabbed. Since you do not see it all, then you do not take efforts to heal the wounds of your astral and etheric bodies (well, as if you put a bandage on a severed vein) and, accordingly, for some reason you do not help drugs, antidepressants, etc.

Diseases of physiological type

You for example broke a leg, or ate something very poor quality, or you have an acute kidney disease, gallbladder, etc. in this case, of course, you need to first apply traditional methods. Apply bandage, make washing, etc. But in cases of serious damage, when the consequences are quite dangerous, it is also desirable to use energy radiation, which will sharply accelerate recovery, or even avoid the intervention of the surgeon. So for example, when a broken arm, after energy radiation, the patient turned to the doctor, who told her that there was a fracture, but it is already overgrown (the patient thought that she had rheumatic pains). When diarrhea does not stop, the energy effect helped to stop the internal irritation and digestion was restored. After energy intervention, there was no need to remove the gallbladder, after crushing the stones and restoring the normal functioning of the pancreas and liver.

In addition, the disease (for example, high fever) can be caused by various reasons – it’s just you have a cold, or you have brought damage. In addition, there are such extremely complex diseases as oncology, diabetes. There are generally “incomprehensible” diseases that become clear in the energy diagnosis. In other words, obtaining positive results by the method of energy correction is possible in cases where the diseased organ is amenable to energy treatment.

All this was written in order to explain that it is very difficult to name a list of diseases with which the healer Arutyunyants M.A. can help to cope.

Therefore, it is probably easier to say that at the moment there are no positive results for cancer (there were only temporary positive changes) and diabetes (there was a decrease in sugar). Drug, alcohol addiction are not included in the list of diseases of concern Arutyunyants M.A.

In connection with the above, it can be added that the final decision on whether there is an opportunity to help or not can be made only after the diagnosis, either directly or from your photo.

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