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Diseases of the “psychical” type have a pronounced character of defeat on the astral plane up to 90% and about 5-10 % on the mental plane.

Astral diseases

Caused by typically the damage, the evil eye and partially ancestral curse. The spectrum of such diseases is very wide. These are: first of all schizophrenia, part of the disease “headache”, tics, speech disorders, various allergies, developmental retardation, alcohol dependence, drug dependence. In addition, astral lesions appear as a sudden deterioration of health, a sharp deterioration of personal affairs (personal relationships, business). The given list is made only on experimental data of Arutyunyants M.A. Such diseases are treated, despite the ridicule of the learned representatives of european medicine exclusively by reprimanding prayers and energy purification of a person.

Unfortunately, in recent time, there was another, quite massive “way” of getting astral destruction. In short, it can be formulated as follows. Cases of attempts to establish contact with the subtle worlds bypassing normal development have become more frequent. This is a great passion for the so-called “extrasensoric”, the desire to “connect”!!! to so-called “Cosmos”, fascination attempts to communicate with the dead, violent color proliferating various kinds of sects with paranoid rituals, and of course a huge number of willing order defacing, curse and other abominations have motley kind of black mages, sorcerers and ” grannies.” Burying photos in the graves and “experiments” with the dolls of the enemies have become almost commonplace. Unfortunately, such “practice” is given very little attention and understanding of the extremely negative and far-reaching consequences of these activities. The situation is such that” opening ” the door to the subtle worlds people do not think about the fact that this door with a “two-way” movement. If you have opened this door yourself, whether you are aware of the consequences or not, you are opening the door to your consciousness to the” inhabitants ” of the subtle worlds. There is a law of the Criminal Code – Ignorance is not exempt from liability. And opening this door even once, you will not be able to close it. The result of such actions will be negative consequences for the object of your influence, and without any doubt the personal and possibly ancestral fate of the “experimenter”. Usually such information is reported as just text. I will give you as an example two photographs showing astral entities. These photos were provided by a homegrown “healer” and they clearly show two different types of entities.

In the first photo, an entity with a well-formed “character”is seen above the object’s head. You can see the head resembling a bird with the beak pointed exactly at the head center. Even the expression of the “face” of this entity leaves no doubt about its character and intentions.

астральная сущность на фотографии, demons, astral essence


The second photo visible the so-called “elemental” essence in the process of digestion. Its is sucking on her leg. By the way thanks to such entities, with many healers “refuse” their feet. As a rule, the digestion process is expressed in the form of clear concentric circles within the essence. By the way this photograph is present and the first entity, is already significantly diminished (mark), but if you increase photos of her can be seen. In the second photo, the number of entities is larger, obviously the photo was taken in the bedroom.

demons, astral essence


It is surely to say that the so-called devils who are seen in delirium tremens are a certain type of astral entities that become visible in the strongest deformation of the astral body caused by alcoholism. It can also be noted that the so-called schizophrenia is simply a consequence of uncontrolled contact with the subtle worlds. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that low-quality astral entities literally attack people who have weakened due to various circumstances, the natural defense. The appearance of extraneous consciousness in the human brain is perceived as a split personality and causes shock. This type of disease can be attributed to the so-called “obsessions”. In this sense it is possible to provide a link to the old American movie “Ghost” where it is very accurately described some of the facts of the invasion of the dwellers of the subtle worlds in material life.

Methods of practical treatment of mental diseases associated with Obsession or with a deep impact of their own thought forms (fix – idea) are described in the article “Obsession and schizophrenia

Mental type of psychical diseases

It’s mainly, with very few exceptions the result of ancestral curse. This is primarily down’s disease, cerebral palsy, and abnormal physical development caused by disorders in the pituitary gland. As it seems to the author, such diseases are almost incurable in view of the fact that in this case a person will be subjected to the most severe punishment either for his crimes in a past life, or for crimes committed by someone in the family (usually the grandmother is a witch, or in rare cases directly the mother). At the physical level, this is most likely expressed in structural disorders in DNA and RNA, as well as in pituitary and pineal gland deformities, which are actually a reflection of the functioning of the head centers. The only THEORETICAL possibility seems to be an attempt to change the situation at the age of 3 years (this is determined by the period of formation of the mental body of a person). In addition, there are strict restrictions on the possibility of “healing”.


Arutyunyants M.A. may 2012

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