Healer Arutyunyants M.A.  

Arutyunyants M.A., Master of the right hand.

Arutyunyants M.A. using the original author’s technique of bioenergetic “healing”, developed on the basis of the theoretical works of E.P. Blavatsky and A.A. Bailey. The healing technique developed by Arutyunyants M.A. based on the concept of occult view of the human organism structure. Regardless of what the current “classical” European medicine thinks about this, the functioning of the human body is determined by the correct flow of energies within it and, accordingly, a normal state, in other words, healthy, is possible only with the normal functioning of these energy channels. The method of healing used by Arutyunyants M.A.  was confirmed in the course of scientific examination with the use of diagnostic equipment “Prognos mini” provided by ZAO “NTK Integrative systems”. The results of the examination are conform to the Federal Law.

The method of treatment or healing is based on the influence of the energy radiation of the healer’s Arutyunyants M.A.  hand. The healing technique is based on the proper energy rebalancing of the human organism. The healing is carried out by screening and finding clots of negative energies in the human organism and the following removing of these energies using bioenergy radiation. The stimulation of target affected organs and etheric centers is the final step for the final health improvement. All of this allows to achieve the recovery under the various diseases. See more details in the parts “Diseases” and “Healing – how?”

Technique allows under certain circumstances eliminate deep astral destruction known as: evil eye, damage, curse. The technique does not imply a rejection of the pharmacological achievements of European medicine. The technique also allows remote recovery in some types of diseases.

To avoid misunderstandings keep in mind. I can’t really call myself a “healer”. “The healer” in my opinion, is the one who begins to “treat” such as a leg, if the patient has a sore leg. I determine to the best of my ability the true cause of the disease and then try to eliminate it. This is the difference between a Master and a healer. And accordingly, the methods of removing the causes of disease are radically different from the methods of the healers. If the title of the Magician would not be greasy different kinds of crooks, the name of the website would be the following – MAG, Master of the right hand.

P.S. in conclusion I would like to add. Arutyunyants M. A. is not a magician and does not do miracles. Moreover, he does not believe in so-called miracles at all. There are also failures in his work.



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